My name is Akeel. I’m a Business Developer

& Strategic Marketer



I’ve run digital and print campaigns for organisations ranging from startup to established

Business Development

From pitching, to networking, to sourcing investors, I have a track record of converting opportunities into wins


I have a diverse portfolio of travel, product, sports and event shoots

Project Management

From concept to execution, I have managed teams both on site and globally


2000 Instagram Shots

60+ Countries Visited

300+ Coffee Shoppes Worked From

20+ New GPS Trails Created



Six Of One, Half-A-Dozen Of The Other

As social networks emerged, China approached with caution. The government only allowed a few key players to come forth ( Baidu, Weibo, Tencent ). The caution being rooted in the unknown power it had of mobilizing the masses. The solution was in hindering social...

‘Your Son Almost Became a Hashtag’

Anyone ever watched the ‘Andy Griffith Show’ or ‘I Love Lucy’ late at night? Maybe not, but we’re all aware of the premise. A better time, and older time. A time when you’d ask your neighbour for a cup of sugar, when you could leave a door unlocked, when ‘us’ vs...

What is The New Interconnectedness?

Not long ago social media entered our lives ushering in a new interconnectedness the likes the world had never seen. We connected with neighbors, colleagues, forgotten friends we’d not seen in years. We shared images, updates, opinions, and eventually...

300 Milliseconds: The Quest for True Optimisation

In the early 70’s there was a rule in computing which stated that 2 seconds was the longest amount of time allowable between entry and response of a protocol while using a computer. This ‘user response’ time was universally accepted as the time it takes a person to...

What ‘The Lorax’ has Taught us About Today’s Digital Landscape

We all read Dr Seuss when we were younger. From ‘Green Eggs and Ham’ to ‘The Cat in the Hat,’ we took it all in enjoying the stories and internalising lessons about society and ourselves in the process. The other day I read the article in the New York Times...