Now that you have this list of fares, the next step is to figure out your dates; essentially broadening your search to narrow it. 

Try to be as flexible with your dates as possible, and again keep in mind travel time.  If you are set to fly out of Paris one morning, keep in mind when the trains stop from Gare de Nor to the Airport and the logistics, cost, and timing of getting there.

I use the above as a good example, as I’ve personally run into it during my travels.  A 2 hour delay entering into the Channel Tunnel meant I missed the train to the airport.  This resulted in my having to take busses to get to CDG, making the entire ordeal slightly more hectic than I’d planned.

The best way to quickly incorporate not only a flexible search, but also multiple airport search is to hack the url as seen here:


As you can see by the arrows, with the correct changes to the URL, you can search quickly for the fare you’d like.

You’ll get a good feel once you see the flexible search dates of what days are best to travel on, and soon you will have narrowed your search down to a couple of departure and arrival dates that you know result in the best fares.