So you have found your preferred destination, and you’ve found the cheapest date to fly, and you know you have found a good deal.  So why not just pull the trigger and purchase right now?

You are probably right, and you can book right now, however there is one more step you might want to take before taking the final plunge and spending a huge chunk of your budget, and this little trick might result in a shorter flight at a cheaper price.

Take a look at your stopover airports and see if there are any commonalities

A few months ago I was looking for a flight back to San Francisco.  I looked at flying out of Amsterdam, Brussels, and Paris.  I’d say over half the flights gave me a stopover in ARN and then another Stopover in LON.  The price was in the low £400’s which is a great deal and had I booked it I would have been happy.

It made me curious, however, and I took one more step before booking.  I looked at the cost of a flight from ARN to SFO (essentially using the stopover airport as my departure destination). 

Bingo, the price dropped to £250 Round Trip!

This is not to say that every stopover airport will give you this sort of success, however why not do one or more searches using common stopover airports and see if you can bring that cost down a bit more.  This may not be the case if you have a stopover in Frankfurt, San Francisco, Seattle, or Munich, however nothing lost by doing that one last search before proceeding.

Also it helps to use a bit of logic with your search.  Prices from Vancouver to Hong Kong ate £500, yet if you fly from Seattle (a few hours south), the price drops to £300.  Is it worth it to pay £200 less for a few hours inconvenience?  That is entirely up to you and how ‘Low-budget’ you want to be in your planning.