Quality – not quantity – key to social media success

Entrepreneur Akeel Qureshi, who will speak at our ‘Social media: Friend or foe?’ event next week, says staying relevant is key…

Social media networks must remain unregulated

A Silicon Valley entrepreneur has argued that social media regulation is impractical because it is ‘beautifully decentralised’…

Interview with Tec Dr. at Money Conference 2018

Periscope Interview with Tech Dr. at Money Conference

Alumni Spotlight: Akeel Qureshi | Political Science

For Akeel Qureshi, the PS major gave him the skills in research, presenting, and imagining alternative solutions that have taken him from Berkeley, Beijing and London in tech-sector jobs …

Interview with Funding Box at WebSummit 2018

At Padoq they aren’t just “awesome guys”, they have also created a mobile app that gathers all your social media group’s needs in one place!

Meet the Start-Up episode 1

Despite the boom in tech megastars, starting a tech company is no easy feat …

Reviewing the first day of TNW 2018

Presenting at FinTech North 2018

Checking in on day 2 of TNW 2018