My name is Akeel. I’m a Business Developer

& Strategic Marketer



I’ve run digital and print campaigns for organisations ranging from startup to established

Business Development

From pitching, to networking, to sourcing investors, I have a track record of converting opportunities into wins


I have a diverse portfolio of travel, product, sports and event shoots

Project Management

From concept to execution, I have managed teams both on site and globally


2000 Instagram Shots

60+ Countries Visited

300+ Coffee Shoppes Worked From

20+ New GPS Trails Created



“Hacking” Fares – Step 3

So you have found your preferred destination, and you’ve found the cheapest date to fly, and you know you have found a good deal.  So why not just pull the trigger and purchase right now? You are probably right, and you can book right now, however there is one more...

“Hacking” Fares – Step 2

Now that you have this list of fares, the next step is to figure out your dates; essentially broadening your search to narrow it.  Try to be as flexible with your dates as possible, and again keep in mind travel time.  If you are set to fly out of Paris one morning,...

“Hacking” fares – Step 1

There’s been a lot of talk lately about hacking fares in order to get the best deal.  Some recommend using site “x” or site “y”, which piece one way flights together.  Other’s jumped on board with the site in the news recently which allowed users to book travel...

Second Bag Free – Why Didn’t I Think of That?

As far as Travel Tips go, this one will most likely be fairly obvious, but its all how you play the game.  If you want to save a bit of money on your second bag, I’ve got a method that has worked on a few flights, most recently Qatar airways from London to Islamabad....

Avoid Bag Rules with this Cumbersome but Handy trick!

As an avid snowboarder and skateboarder, I can confidently say on 50% of my flights I’m taking one sort of board or another. Though British Airways is going the way of Ryan Air in how they treat this extra baggage (charging you £40 for the extra boot/helmet bag), most...