My name is Akeel. I’m a Business Developer

& Strategic Marketer



I’ve run digital and print campaigns for organisations ranging from startup to established

Business Development

From pitching, to networking, to sourcing investors, I have a track record of converting opportunities into wins


I have a diverse portfolio of travel, product, sports and event shoots

Project Management

From concept to execution, I have managed teams both on site and globally


2000 Instagram Shots

60+ Countries Visited

300+ Coffee Shoppes Worked From

20+ New GPS Trails Created



Bringing a Longboard (skateboard) on Flights

For Skateboarders, if weight is an issue on a flight, I’d suggest just carrying your board with you as a carry on.  I know it sounds extremely obvious, but for those with larger boards, pre-flight planning can be difficult.  If your board is too big to fit in a bag,...

End Game

In the US you hear it all too often. “How can you like a game that can end in a tie [draw]” In the UK you hear about how a team “saved themselves in the 90th, to grab a 1-1 result”. It’s clear the both cultures follow different sports, but what exactly is the perfect...

NFL International and the Hawaii Exemption

The past few years the NFL has been intent on expanding the regular season.  They have been pushing to make it 18 games, whilst all the while being thwarted by the players union.  Their newest push to expand the playoffs from 12 to 14 teams seems to be the next battle...

How Relegation/Promotion is the Future of College Football

When schools began jumping divisions a few years ago I laughed.  It was inevitable.  Where else but in the USA can an undefeated season go unrewarded in the long term.  Where else but the USA can perennial powerhouses in lower leagues long term success be shunned year...

Sri Lanka : Part 7 (Sigiriya)

As I jumped on the bus, and the driver’s assistant grabbed my bag, I took a polite mini head-bow, said the word Sigiriya, and with a customary head bobble, I knew I was on the right bus, and would not be missing my stop. This was the point in my trip when the...